søndag den 29. december 2013

New brush tip marker

Yesterday I decided to do a little purchase in my period of testing different brushtip markers. This marker is by copic, and is called MULTILINER SP. And actually it is more of a regular multiliner instead of a marker. This ome just has a paint brush like tip. And a replaceable catridge as well. It beats the POSCA by far.

After using the POSCA and COPIC SP for a while, the COPIC exeeds greatly in the following ways. First of.. The COPIC seems to make a more delicate and smooth line. Second.. The COPIC doesn't need the user to pump or shake the marker to get the ink to the tip. Third.. The POSCA has a tendensy to dry out, even with the cap on. This was never an issue with the COPIC. Fourth.. The POSCA ink doesn't seem to be 100% marker proof. Severel times when i added shadow with my COPIC markers, the linework seemed to smudge. The COPIC SP though, is all waterproof and copicproof!

Just a small update.. Happy new year!! :-)

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