torsdag den 28. november 2013

SAGA is reborn as STORMVIND!

I've made a few adjustments to the cover, and also changed the name of the projekt. Found out that saga was the name of another comic. But anyway it was always more of a test-name. I have now put in the final name and logo. STORMVIND = STORMWIND ;) Ensomhed = Loneliness

The charater whos name is Taus, is almost done. I gave him a backpack, and put som texture on his clothes. The middleground though is still missing a lot of work, but it is deffinetly coming a long.

Please comment

Take care! :)

onsdag den 27. november 2013

SAGA - Manuscript - day 1

Today I started writing part one of  my new project "SAGA the graphic novel". Writing has never really been my strong side, but suprisingly it is coming along nicely. :) Still trying to combine manuscript with storyboard, and image-descriptions is quite challenging. But actually quite fun and fulfilling when it works.

Text is still in danish, so you probably don't undestand any of it. ;) But this is just give an idea of the progress. More updates will follow. Take care!

By the way! This is a very rough script, so don't mind any typo's. I know there are a lot. ;)

mandag den 25. november 2013


What an amazing machine. I'm completely in love!! :) This is definitely an upgrade that I am going to get sometime in the future. Pretty expensive though. About 24.000 dkr for the PEN & TOUCH version. And 18.000 dkr for the PEN ONLY version. I will probably end up getting the TOUCH ONLY, because I have touch in my current tablet, and never use it. In fact I turned it off, and reset the default key to another function. Wacom never really acomplished a true functional touch implementation in their products. At least that is my opinion. :) Otherwise their products are really great. And as long as you can buy the more expensive products without touch, It is not really an issue.

Overall the product is really cool. Great screen-size. Great and flexible stand. Good weight to the foot, so it won't fall on the floor, if you decide to put the screen over the tabels edge. Good amount of shortcut keys and touchwheels. All in all nothing is really bad about this product. Only thing that would be extraordinary cool, would be if the cintiq had the computer implemented, instead of one having to connect it. But i guess you can allways find something to complaine about. ;)

I'm definetly getting one as soon as my finances allow it....

fredag den 22. november 2013

DANMARK BRÆNDER v.1.1 update

An updated version of the cover-image. I have added some detail to the middleground - house, truck. I also changed the sky, to look a bit more "dangerous". Finally did some work on his mask, although I still don't think that I'm quite satisfied.

I still haven't decided on which weapon he is going to be carrying. Thats the reason for the barrel still floating aroud in the air.. I'm thinking maybe an AK47! ;)

The next update will probably be the final version, unless I decide to make drastic changes. Any comments are appreciated!

Take care. :)

torsdag den 21. november 2013

Latest Wacom upgrade

So I have now been using my new Intuos PRO for about two weeks.. And it just keeps getting more joyfull. A huge step up from my bamboo manga.
I was struggeling a lot with the hand eye cordination on my bamboo, and was a bit affraid that i might never get it. But then i tried this intuos, and i have never had any trouble.. I think that the larger size might also help..

tirsdag den 19. november 2013


Concept for a graphic novel!

Very early concept for at graphic novel that I'm planning to do in the near future. If the writing seems weird, it is because it is in danish. :) The english translation would be: "SAGA - Part one: Denmark in flames". 

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic denmark (urban and countryside) in the near future. Here a former soldier, suffering from PTSD, struggles to survive the wastelands produced by a devistating nuclear eradication. Finding himself in a world where he finally fits in, he is going to confront all sorts of issues and creatures.. Even the worst kind.. Other humans! :-O

The painting is pretty much still just a sketch. But i think the composition makes sense. I struggled with this for quite a while though. Hopefully I will be able to post some part of a story soon.. Untill then I hope you will enjoy this. AND please let me know what you think! :)

Take care!

mandag den 18. november 2013

My work space

So this is my current setup. PC, intuos and skull. I just received my Intuos PRO a couple of days ago, and I gotta say that I'm rellay loving this beast! It is deffinetly a gigantic upgrade from my previous tablet, which was a BAMBOO manga. I never really got fully used to that one, but the Intuos PRO just feels awesome!

Back before my digital-days, my working station used to look something like this. Usually not as tidy though.. :) Oh.. And i moved my skull! ;) 

søndag den 17. november 2013

F A L L O U T 4
Digital Painting - Adobe Photoshop - Finished for now

torsdag den 14. november 2013