torsdag den 30. januar 2014

ALIENWARE14 - And new project! ;)

A couple of days ago I became the proud owner of an ALIENWARE14. And I must say that I am extremely excited about this beast. The design is just amazing. Brushed aluminium, matte black plastic, and none of the anoying stickers that are always next to the keyboard, bragging about what the machine does. Because quite simple, this machine does not need to brag. It is extremely deadly in all its silence. ;)

So far I have don a bit of painting on it, for a project, that will soon be featured on this page. I am not talking about STORMViND here. This is something completely new. Although STORMViND is still in the making, and far from dying. :) I just seem to be able to, better push my own personale projects aside for a while. But anyway this new project is quite exciting, and this computer just rocks my Photoshop CC! :D

Also I have been gaming som Dayz, which is definitely a game I can recommend. Although it is in pre-alpha, so it definitely has some issues all around. Its GPU heavy, lagging, bugged. BUT FUN AS HELL! :) And this laptop runs it like a dream, when it is tweeked to perform. This game will probably rune much better in the future, due to the lack of optimization at its current stage :)

Here it is!

søndag den 19. januar 2014

Wish me luck.. I command you!

Today I finally finished and delivered the material for the comic-contest I entered. The pruduct is a couple of strips, and five pieces of character concepts that will appear in upcoming strips.. IF I win, that is! Which is highly doubtfull.. ;-) As mentioned earlier, 1. price is a cash payment, and a contract for a number of strips to follow, with a regular payment plan.

I'm not going to upload the finished material until the contest is over, cause I am not certain how the client will react to that. But here is a picture of the final stage in the process.. Adding detail.. :)

Take care!

fredag den 17. januar 2014


It has been a long time since my last post, due to a busy and joyfull time in my personal life. But now I promise that I am back in buisness, as far as blogging goes anyway.

The last couple of days I have also been working on material for a drawing contest, which I have decided to enter. I am getting close to the end on that project by now, and hopefully it will give me a nice place, let alone some cold cash. ;) First price includes, besides a cash payment, a comission on a regular basis. The only thing that bothers me, is that the manuscripts they send me, for the comic-strips are totally NOT funny to say the least. But thats the life of a comissioning-cartoonist. I will just have to make the best of it.. So wish me luck! :)

Also my laptop is still not up and running, but things have changed a lot in that area though. Th company that was supposed to repair my laotop, lost the damn thing. So they ended up refunding the entire amount that I paid for it to begin with. This resultet in me purchassing a new laptop. I stretched the buget a little further, and ended up buying the 14" ALIENWARE, with an i7 4700mq processor, nvidia GTX 765M, and 16 gigs of ram. This should deffinetly be able to run photoshop well for quite some time. And a couple of games! ;) I promise to give a firm review of this beast when I receive it, and have it tested.

Here is a preview on the material I'm working on for the contest. The style is very traditional and kept really simple, which i deliberatly. This makes it easy to produce on a regular basis... and also the "audience" is typically quite traditional.. ;)

Take care! (And a late happy new years)