torsdag den 20. februar 2014


Got a bit more work done this morning.. Not much, but it's my girlfriends birthday, so better stay clear of my PC.. ;)

Take Care!

onsdag den 19. februar 2014

Guess who!!?

Got inspired and made this quick sketch. Still needs a loooooot of work. Let me know what u think it might be and win.... The honor of being the one who guessed it.. ;)

Take Care!

lørdag den 15. februar 2014

Hobbyte's dungeon builder!

Me and a friend started a project some time ago. I've been uploading a few teaser images here on the blog of different stuff from the project. Now we are finally ready to reveal what this is all about. And quite simple, it can be summed up in this one sentence, taken from our new Developer blog:

"We’re aiming to create a multi-platform isometric dungeon map editor for use by Dungeon Masters all over the world."

If you think this sounds interesting, please keep an eye on our website to follow the development of this project. Here is yet another teaser image illustrating a small portion of the different elements this software will eventually contain.

Take Care!

torsdag den 6. februar 2014


Early "alpha"-layout for... project "something". ;) Stay tuned for more information! If you dig old school traditional rpg's, that is! :)

lørdag den 1. februar 2014

New project!

Here are a couple of images from the new project I've joined. Currently I'm not quite ready to reveal more of the content. 

The only thing I can tell you, that if you roleplay, and love creating maps, this is for you! ;)