mandag den 25. november 2013


What an amazing machine. I'm completely in love!! :) This is definitely an upgrade that I am going to get sometime in the future. Pretty expensive though. About 24.000 dkr for the PEN & TOUCH version. And 18.000 dkr for the PEN ONLY version. I will probably end up getting the TOUCH ONLY, because I have touch in my current tablet, and never use it. In fact I turned it off, and reset the default key to another function. Wacom never really acomplished a true functional touch implementation in their products. At least that is my opinion. :) Otherwise their products are really great. And as long as you can buy the more expensive products without touch, It is not really an issue.

Overall the product is really cool. Great screen-size. Great and flexible stand. Good weight to the foot, so it won't fall on the floor, if you decide to put the screen over the tabels edge. Good amount of shortcut keys and touchwheels. All in all nothing is really bad about this product. Only thing that would be extraordinary cool, would be if the cintiq had the computer implemented, instead of one having to connect it. But i guess you can allways find something to complaine about. ;)

I'm definetly getting one as soon as my finances allow it....

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